UX Process

I tailor the process I use according to the scale, stage and nature of the project and availability of resources, but as much as possible, needs to be:

  • User-centric 
  • Collaborative
  • Lean

Needs to have:

  • Beginning: discovery, domain knowledge and identify problems
  • Middle: explore solution
  • End: Refine solution, validate, release 

My approach is proactive, empathetic, analytical and collaborative. I advocate for the user and I can put my opinions to one side and facilitate other people’s insights and creativity.

I typically use a process like this:

  • Kick-off meeting
  • UX review of existing product
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Existing data and new user research
  • Analysis
  • Report back to stakeholders with initial findings and keep them in the loop
  • Ideation techniques including design thinking workshops
  • Iterative user-centred design


Lean UX processlean ux process


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