Justin is a smart & dedicated Senior UX Designer, and an independent self-starter. His process is solid, and his deliverables are clear and detailed. He’s always hungry to take on new assignments, ready to help his stakeholders define their project vision & requirements, as well as plan, organize, and document their process, and is never bothered by technical complexity.

– Paul Tanner, UX Senior Manager at TIBCO Software

Justin is extremely creative and very able to work all aspects of the UX process for personae-driven development (from feature stakeholder thru information architecture, interaction design, user testing and visual design, completing the story with UX designer quality sign-off of final product). He is also more than able to create solutions to ‘out of the norm’ requirements that he has been working on for a no-code case-management application development tool.

I have worked with Justin for 2 years as his line manager and as Product Owner / Team Lead of a multi-disciplined agile scrum team and it has always been a pleasure. His dedication to the best experience for end users is coupled with the pragmatism to find alternative designs that meet with the prevailing commercial pressures for delivery. Justin is also very well organised and has taken a leading role in the development of UX component libraries and baselines.

I would not hesitate to work with Justin and would highly recommend him to any other prospective employer.

– Sid Allway, Principal Architect / Team Lead at TIBCO Software

Justin’s depth of experience, natural intellect, and ability to quickly identify what’s really important qualifies him as an excellent UX designer. However, when you add his humility and diligence you get someone really special. He is confident working with very little supervision and his calm demeanour and thoughtful approach makes collaboration a pleasure. Justin has worked on global projects for top-ten pharmaceutical and global health clients for us and his work immediately improved the usability of their assets.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Justin and so have my colleagues. I’m sure you would too.

– Matthew Newman, Creative Director at Incuna Ltd

Justin was a pleasure to work with, not just for the fact that he was simply very easy to get along with but for his high standard contribution to one of our largest projects. Justin led the UX and proved to be a great asset to our team for his intelligent approach and dry wit. His contribution was always very mindful, with a thoughtful approach to all his work, delivered patiently to those who were less familiar with UX. Justin worked to a high standard within and without his role, taking on responsibilities beyond his remit by providing key input into requirement gathering and analysis as well as requirement and UX workshop planning.

I would recommend Justin for the role of Senior UX designer and can say we all greatly miss him, he’s only been gone a day and a great hole has been left behind. If the need for a UX lead arises in the company again I and everyone who worked with Justin will be pitching for him.

– Mary Watson, Project Director, Global Health Programme, Incuna Ltd

Justin is an exceptionally talented digital user experience designer. The passion for his work shines through in all his creations and it is an absolute pleasure to work with Justin. He is a man of many qualities and an experienced mindfulness teacher along with his digital design skills. His calm nature creates an ideal environment for everyone to contribute their best in sessions led by Justin. He is a big proponent of lean design thinking and encourages collaboration with team members and stakeholders from different areas. The result is an extremely engaging user experience that is something to be proud of. He is leading our efforts to implement standards for user experience design and adding huge value to every project where he is involved. There is a always a wow factor is all his work and I would wholeheartedly recommend Justin.

– Harmeet Singh Chhabra, Division Head of Technology, Grass Roots Group

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Justin over the last 10 years. He is a very thoughtful designer who puts the user / usability at the centre of everything he’s creating and every problem he is trying to solve. He’s very collaborative and works well across design, technology and project teams. Don’t let his quiet personality fool you – he’s got a very dry and a very funny sense of humour!

– Luke Brason, Head of Creative Solutions, Grass Roots Group

…the UX role has added enormous value to the iterative design process that we have embraced since we launched Recognise. The UX role fulfilled by Justin has been crucial to the design and specification of the following enhancements: Profile Picture Updater, Nomination Portlet, Action Management. These three user interfaces are now assigned to Technology to implement and will be critical in ensuring that Recognise is a competitive product for the next 5 years.

User experience is particularly critical for employee recognition at Grass Roots as our 1st value stream on our Product Roadmap is Making Recognition Easy, we strongly believe that if recognition is simple and easy to perform then that will encourage the act and therefore help create a culture of recognition within an organisation which in turn connects employees to their organisations brand…The UX development process adopted has been a success of design and testing, building prototypes based on core requirements and then wider feedback and stress testing. The UX role and Justin in particular has been key to that success and the recognition product will be poorer and less successful if we cannot count on Justin’s expertise in the future.

– Steven Malduca, Product Lead, Employee Recognition, Grass Roots Group

Having a strong focus on UX is essential and Justin has been a key person driving UX for Recognise. He has created designs followed by click dummy prototypes and taken these to guinea pigs around the company getting feedback and consolidating this to improve the UX around the new features we want to drive. He has great attention to detail and want to give our clients the best experience possible when using our products. His input has been hugely appreciated with Recognise.

– Joanne Parsons, Technical Product Owner, Grass Roots Group

Justin is both creative and analytical. A true UX specialist, he is the go-to man for bringing together form and function: resulting in high-performing web designs that attract and engage users. He’s collaborative, always willing to share skills and insights, whether he’s leading or supporting a project.

Justin excels at solving problems and cutting through to what matters most. He is thoughtful, pragmatic and modest – with a deliciously dry sense of humour. A true professional.

– Annette Yates, Copywriter, Grass Roots Group